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          This Game has been rated 6.61 out of 10.
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Play Bowman against the computer or against your friends or you can even go bird hunting.

Posts (31)
inuyashanaruto123456 writes:
i killed lots of birds
Starman18 writes:
Take that stupid birds!!!
dante dawkins writes:
Who ever likes the Boston Red Socks is gay and likes to lick harry and sweaty ball and drink monkey peeee. After the games Boston likes to stick there fingers up each other but hole
melo152315 writes:
Take that you stupid people
young mexican writes:
u guys are crazy
andrewuidiot writes:
I shot a hoe
Crosby writes:
This game is awsome
andrewuidiot writes:
Wtf?Kill the bitches
Trevman writes:
shut the f*** up and do something
happy writes:
twich writes:
sup trevman chaka johnson
kjack94 writes:
ima monster at this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!
Trevman writes:
Sup twich ooooo burt toatst to johnson tubby :0
keith writes:
sup twich and trevman
10wenzel writes:
u guys have fun killing birds....
supersayensupersayen writes:
hello every one, I am having fun killing these mother fucking birds yah you too trevman i fucking hate you!!!
supersayensupersayen writes:
is any one on here?? hello yellow (sigh) fuck
Tino writes:
Play on brid hunt, then aim over you're head and keep fireing. It looks like a bloody vagina pouring out fuck.
jessicaa kidd' waht writes:
yuh must be jokin, yuh sit her and play these games' thats a trip.i just join so i can leave comments i dont spend my life on her like yuh do,i juat spends 5th cause i really have nothin else tuh do,and TINO WRITES calm down like yuh get any,!aha'
jack assjack ass writes:
shutup jessica your just an asshole whos never gonna get laid, bitch!!!!!
Y2J writes:
3278467236473647242462746207427346274360726474622786203034880228423475834758-7234857535375-23573557-325355-2353-5357-559238935285385-098525525395580559358-5353953-859535-58585903583598359405835835895358353530-84390-8534985945829852858358383539534935934-55295432589238592582-5209523-5393809530-3530593593-58298958958954589258925295825953935832583509853593545945849584958485983409823859248530958059528528253589858258345935858958589358598353859385938535835859-85-3859280582498594832583583405832958349859853958395835983945830958358439583458834833498655486435385489684586943868435686865369594694368349584986464906984968684684698468690486468638680586409668689-6868-0968695683-906849684968496849648696834098634986968968968968369363-54........................................................................................................................BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blahchick writes:
this game is fuckin beastt!!
blahchick writes:
dsi is stupid..
karensmoreirakarensmoreira writes:
ashleygravely1 writes:
hi all i like killing these birds too
eman writes:
Franko writes:
This game is really retarded!!!
Franko writes:
JOE writes:
grant192837465 sucks balls
ifri writes:
any 1 wanna tak
SydneySydney writes:
wut is wrong with some of u u type the stupidest things from Syd :p

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